Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Reunion!

Last weekend we went to the Jaramillo Family Reunion. It was in Utah this year so we decided to go hang out with my parents and family. The reunion was in Altonah. The property we went to belongs to my aunt's family so we've been there a few times. My favorite thing about that place is the teeter totters :)
Bo and I started off teeter tottering together and of course it didn't work so my mom got on with me to help with the weight issue.

It didn't really help, Bo had to use a cinder block to get his side to go down haha

The first thing we did when we got there was made marshmallow guns and had a war! Bo's parents and sister came up for the night so it was a lot of fun!

Bo and his dad cornered my dad when he came out of the bathroom haha

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it! Bo and his dad were doing 'tactical rolls' to try to dodge the marshmallows!

My Uncle Foston brought his potato gun and put glow sticks in it and shot them off at night for the little kids. It was actually so cool to see them falling from the sky.

My dad ringing the dinner bell :)

Have you ever heard of planking?

Saturday was the fun day! My dad planned out a bunch of stuff. We did some skeet shooting, shot paint ball guns, ate amazing mexican food!!, had a raffle, and played Minute to Win it!

Our winning from the raffle. We had our eye on the Yoshi Blade and Harry and the Hendersons and we got them!

Bo brought his gun along and has been dying to shoot is because he's only been able to shoot it once so we went out into the field so he could finally shoot it!

My mom may kill me for putting this picture up but I had to put up pics of our little hula hoop fun ;)


Samson said...

teeter totter plank! Beautiful!

emily said...

is this why we never see you guys!? You are gone every weekend! Have fun in Mexico :)